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Noah is a 2D Adventure game about a boy with a boat!

He goes traveling from island to island, meeting new people and experiencing different cultures and new adventures in each and every one of them.

The game takes inspiration from Legend of Zelda the most, and various other games.

While this is still a prototype, almost everything I want to be implemented in this game is in here. Well, aside from the custom tileset and rich story I want, that is.

The game has relatively simple controls, but hopefully offers depth to those who want to pull off neat tricks with the combat, which is modeled a bit after 2D Zelda games. The vision for the finished product is a fun, simple game with rich, bite-sized stories and memorable characters, paired with dungeons to explore and monsters to slay.


- Nathan Amata


Noah v0.1.zip 222 MB

Development log


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What a nice game! If you want adventures, you must try this game!!! Good job Nathan!

This is a nice adventure game that cater to all ages!!! Good Job Nathan!

wow this game brought me back to my awesome childhood days, most especially my Zelda days. Hope this kid creates more 90's inspired games, and looking forward for more games like this with rich stories on it.